Mansion Mashers

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Winner of Best Freshman Game of 2014 at DigiPen Game Awards 2014
MansionMashersLogo(2nd Semester Game)

High Concept:
A 2D fast-paced, side scrolling hack-n-slash game set in a cartoon fantasy world with character ability progression.

My Role:

– organized and managed a team of 4 programmers and 1 sound designer
– developed a sound engine using FMOD
– created environment art
– implemented mechanics, created level layouts and obstacles, developed narrative
– created basic editing tools to allow for quicker development of levels

(Above: Screenshots from in game)

Mansion Mashers was developed in the FoxEngine, which is a custom engine our team developed in C. A Graphics Wrapper was provided by DigiPen since this was only a single semester project.

Mansion Mashers features 11 different levels. I focused on developing the 6 main levels which combine elements of platforming and combat. There are also 4 bosses that were designed together by the whole team. Since this was a single semester project we did not develop an editor therefore level layouts and logic were setup using C. Elements placed in these levels include platforms, walls, enemies, spawners, buffs, and systems to block the player’s progression until all enemies have been eliminated. Players could also upgrade their weapons by defeating enemies or purchasing better weapons in the shop. There are four different playable characters with varying starting stats.

Developed By Team: