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Recieved 2nd Place Best 2D Visual Design at DigiPen Game Awards 2015omniarch_gamelogo_black(Sophomore Game)

What is it?
OmniArch is a 2D Action Platformer where you must traverse through a city taken over by a rogue AI Government known as the OmniArch. Work your way through obstacles and beat up robots along the way in order to take back the city!

My Role:

– implemented a 2D graphics engine using DirectX 11 with a simplified version of deferred rendering
– provided an interface for debug drawing, created a sound parameter manipulation tool, and added debugging toggles
– created level obstacles, mechanics and layouts
– developed a system to support dynamic glow and bloom effects via shaders  (tweakable values accessible through sprite and bloom components or editor)
– filled in character art from sketches provided by Art Team, created additional art where needed
– integrated FMOD Studio API

(Above: Screenshots from in game)

The Engine for OmniArch, dubbed OmniEngine, was developed by four members of the Casual Baby Duck team. OmniEngine is component based and features custom Physics, Graphics (DirectX 11), Particle, and Event systems. It also has JavaScript integration. FMOD Studio was used for sound. OmniEngine was written in C++.

The OmniEditor used TweakBar for quick property tweaking, editor/level navigation, and debugging. Designers could create objects, move them around within the editor, change properties, add components, and load archetypes. When levels were saved they were serialized to JSON files. Hotkeys allowed for Designers to quickly switch between the editor and the active game and also allowed for reloading of all assets or selective files (scripts, archetypes, image data files, JSON level files). Debug drawing features could also be toggled to show object selection and Physics data.

OmniArch_tech_hires(Above: Physics Debug Data toggled on while game is running)

Developed by:

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